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The Ashley Bryan School
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute but Deadly

When I started teaching P.E. in the fall, I asked the kids, "What would you like to learn this year?" The response was unanimous, barring one request for skydiving, and the sport of choice was... "Archery!" 
Archery is an Ashley Bryan School favorite and, thanks to our friendly neighbor and archery enthusiast, Ricky Alley, a yearly tradition!
The Expert: Rick Alley
Lucky for us, he agreed to host another archery session (on the day before vacation of all days)! He met us in the town field with a propped up Styrofoam billet with some balloons attached to it--the perfect target. After discussing bow safety and demonstrating proper shooting technique, we lined up to give it a try.
Fierce Concentration
Small but Mighty!
And, like in all things, our island kids were naturals! It was a bit harder than some expected, but nobody sent their arrows into the trees. We heard a few balloons pop before the day was out, even with our targets wiggling around in the wind.
The Great Hunters
We could have gone on and on taking turns all morning, but unfortunately fingers and toes were frozen from that cold winter wind hangin' around. Happy April break ABS students and thank you Mr. Alley for this very special experience!

Miss. Lauren

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