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The Ashley Bryan School
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Phys. Ed.... At A Glance!

When I arrived at school my heart rose to realize it was a Tuesday. My favorite day of the week. Gym class was going to be soon. I became really eager to start because we were playing soccer at this point in the curriculum. I have always loved soccer. We had morning meeting and then we ran outside and entered gym class.

We started by choosing goalies and outfielders. It ended up being that there was no goal guard or offense. Joe and I were on one team and Meg and Mr. Pat were on the other team.  It was pure battle. We tried our hardest to keep scoring balls as much as we could. Most of the time the team I was on ended up getting hurt or falling over. Then my phys. ed. teacher scored, so we went into another battle.

Finally I freed the ball from Mr. Pat’s grip and ran with it. Then I tripped and he scored. Then I got the ball again and scored! I cheered and moved on to the next round. I felt great to score but again Mr. Pat went on to score. So we took a five minute break and went on with the game.

When we re-entered the game Mr.Pat and I were in a race for the ball. I forced my foot to retrieve the ball although I saw his  foot reaching for the ball as well.  I saw that the impact would be great. When he missed the ball I heard a slam and I heard cracking on my left foot. I fell to the ground holding back tears as my toes didn’t fully come back out. So we went to the table. When I took off my shoe and sock I saw a nightmare. My toes had become black and blue all over and I saw the pulsing and surging that came from my foot. When I saw it I Wanted to cry! I felt so much worse after seeing what had happened. I felt as though I was looking into a vision as I thought about my career as a sports player. I thought I would never be able to run or walk right again. 

After a while of watching and staring at my foot we decided to play dodgeball. But we played hand ball first.  After that we played some dodgeball. As the balls were flying from one side of the court to the other Joe got hit and was down. Now I was supposed to tag him up. I stood behind the tree and made sure I couldn’t get hit. So my gym teacher called me “Limpy” and “Hoppy” and “Hopscotch” just to make me mad. So I freed Joe at the point that he hit my foot with the dodgeball again. Then our time was up and we finished gym. 


  1. Gross description about the toe, but really great description!! YUCKY!