The Ashley Bryan School

The Ashley Bryan School
Serving Children in Grades K-8 from the Cranberry Isles

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Plant Experiment Update 2

The plants are growing like crazy!  Over the weekend the nasturtium plant grew 14cm!

And that's not the only plant that grew!  Everyone took turns measuring the plants, and the second and third graders recorded the data on their graphs.  Check it out!

Look at how much the pea grew over the weekend!

A new way to collect data!

Today the younger kids began to collect data a bit differently--they began to measure!  The first graders used measuring strips that were four different lengths and the second grader used a meter stick, a ruler, and a five foot measuring tape to hunt for objects in the room of varying lengths.  They also came up with a great list of measuring words that will be very handy....

Is this the same length?  
Yup!  Now it's time to record the data!

How about this?  

 Here's  different thing to measure!

How about this pea?  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enjoying the Snow

The Islesford School is covered in snow!  The snow is so deep, it's hard to walk across the playground!

It is perfect conditions for great recess work--digging tunnels!  The commander begins his instructions....

Dig!  Dig!  Dig!

Keeping working, friends!

All of that digging is just right for studying Math.  These older kids are working on writing equivalent expressions for models of area and perimeter.  Pretty impressive.  

And this middle student is using the formula for area  to figure out the area of different objects around the room like the marker board, the door, the little kids' desks, etc.  
Thank goodness it's time for Physical Education class!  It's time to get into that glorious snow again!

Oops!  Can someone help me up?

We love snowshoeing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Link...

I was looking at the Monhegan School blog this morning and discovered their blog entry about the last time they visited us for a week.  Here is a link to their post:

It brought back great memories of their past visit, and it's making me eager to share school with them again soon.  We are so lucky they landed on our island this week!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look What the Blizzard Blew In!

This morning when we arrived at school, we had a special surprise:  Jessie and the boys from Monhegan were here for a two day visit!  They came on a great day.  Because of the historical blizzard, we saved the afternoon for a "Snow Day."  The kids had an extended recess to play in the snow.  Then we all came in a sang songs together with the guitar.  After that the students enjoyed partner reading with each other, followed by games like "You've Been Sentenced" and "Multifactor."  It was a great way to celebrate all of the glorious snow!!

Enjoying our guests at Morning Meeting!

It's dancing time!  We always start the day with a song or dance, but today was extra special!

Partner Read!

Another extra special guest joined us after lunch:  Ben!  A former student!  

Playing "Bananagrams."

Reading, reading, reading!

"You've Been Sentenced"

Reading, reading, reading!

Survey Questions

As part of their math class, the younger students have been busily surveying the Islesford School population to discover more information about our students and teachers.  Tomorrow they will make graphs of their data--stay tuned!