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The Ashley Bryan School
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look What the Blizzard Blew In!

This morning when we arrived at school, we had a special surprise:  Jessie and the boys from Monhegan were here for a two day visit!  They came on a great day.  Because of the historical blizzard, we saved the afternoon for a "Snow Day."  The kids had an extended recess to play in the snow.  Then we all came in a sang songs together with the guitar.  After that the students enjoyed partner reading with each other, followed by games like "You've Been Sentenced" and "Multifactor."  It was a great way to celebrate all of the glorious snow!!

Enjoying our guests at Morning Meeting!

It's dancing time!  We always start the day with a song or dance, but today was extra special!

Partner Read!

Another extra special guest joined us after lunch:  Ben!  A former student!  

Playing "Bananagrams."

Reading, reading, reading!

"You've Been Sentenced"

Reading, reading, reading!


  1. Hello everyone!

    What a fun snow day you had! We are so glad that you enjoyed our You've been Sentenced! game. We'd love to send you our add-on decks, too. Please just contact me with your mailing address at

    Susan McNeill
    McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds

  2. Brings back such good memories of the November trip! Wish I had been there with you guys!