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The Ashley Bryan School
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Intertidal Zone

The younger and middle students have been very busy learning about the intertidal zone.  First we took a "field trip" to Coast Guard Beach to observe the different environments of the intertidal zone.  We collected specimens from the different parts of the beach and took lots of pictures.

After exploring the intertidal zone, the students created a beautiful model of the five different "layers" of the intertidal zone.  They also practiced their observation skills, using magnifying glasses to make detailed observations of objects.  They recorded their observations by drawing very detailed pictures. 

Now they are all creating creatures that could live in the intertidal zone.  While designing their creatures, the students had to consider the environment where the animal would live, what it would eat, where it would find shelter and protection and what kinds of body parts it would need for it to survive.

Sea Creatures in Progress.....

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