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The Ashley Bryan School
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monhegan Invasion!

The students and teacher from the Monhegan School plus our fabulous island fellow visited our school for the whole week, from November 15-19!  Their visit was part of our Teaching and Learning Collaboration project.  One of the project's goals is to increase the number of times outer island kids get to socialize and work together academically face-to-face.   The visit was a huge success, and will be the first of many!  We had a wonderful time (and we learned a little, too).  We were so sorry to see them go home.  We hope they will visit again soon!

 Welcoming the Monhegan crew at our school pot luck supper.

Two Thumbs Up for a great week! 
Couldn't they be sisters? 
Everyone was happy to make new friends. 
We're so sad to say goodbye..... 

 Finn really didn't want to go home.....
 Thank goodness Courtney was there to carry him onto the boat!

Bye, Monhegan!  We hope to see you really soon!

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