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The Ashley Bryan School
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Bouncing Beans and Natural Selection

The older students have been learning about Natural Selection.  To help them understand Natural Selection, they worked on a lab involving beans, a paper bag punched with holes, shaking, counting and recording data.

 They asked the question, "Which populations will increase and which populations will decrease?"    They decided to control the experiment by choosing to place in their paper bags six populations of beans, starting with the same number of beans of each population; punching exactly six same size holes in the bottom of the bags; and shaking the bag the same number of times with the same amount of force during each round.  The variable was the beans.  They choose six different types of beans of varying shapes and sizes.

 They predicted that the larger beans would have the best chance of "survival"(not falling out of the holes in the bag) and the smallest beans would have the worst chance of "survival."  They collected their data in a table and made graphs of their data.

Now they olders are working on analyzing their data and drawing conclusions about their experiments.  Their results will be posted soon!

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