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The Ashley Bryan School
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Experiments! Part I

The youngers' mad Science experiments have begun!  They asked two questions about plants:

Next each student filled four peat pots with potting soil and planted two seeds of their selected plant into each pot.  Then they decided on four very different places to grow the plants.  They choose on top of the filing cabinet, behind the paper tray....

 Under the grow light (our special Math helper, Ginno, is taking care of these little plants babies)....

In the back room on the shelf with the microwave and toaster oven, and....

On the windowsill in Ms. Donna's room.  

Finally we began a bean sprouting investigation.  We took a bean sprout mix and covered 1/2 Tablespoon of the mix with water.  We soaked them over night and then shook the water out.  Finally we rinsed the beans.  We are looking forward to observing the sprouts with magnifying glasses and microscopes (and then eating what is left over)!  

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