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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Journey to the Center of the Earth!

Waiting patiently for our journey to begin!

Finally!  Mr. Halloway is ready on Cliff Island!  "What do you think the inside of the Earth is like?" he asks.  "Draw your ideas!"

Everyone gets to work!

Maybe it's like this?

How about this?

It must be this!

Or this?

Hmmmm.  This could be it?

Or this?


Or mine?
 After a presentation from Cliff, the olders and middles were ready to do some more investigating.  Some students read about the history of geology.  Some students read about the geology of New England.  And some students read about the layers of the Earth.  Now they are ready to show what they know!

We are making a model of how the tectonic plates collide to make mountains. 

I am working on a diagram of the layers of the Earth.

We are taking notes about the history of geology!

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