The Ashley Bryan School

The Ashley Bryan School
Serving Children in Grades K-8 from the Cranberry Isles

Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing The Ashley Bryan School!

Oh My Goodness!  Oh My Dear!   Sassafrass and Ginger Beer!  We changed our name!

At Town Meeting on Saturday, the town voted overwhelmingly to change the name of our school to the Ashley Bryan School!  We are all so filled with joy about the change.

This afternoon we worked on a special surprise for Ashley. 

We painted beautiful signs for our school that included some of our favorite quotes from his books and his favorite poems.  My People!  Still Got it!  Uh-Huh!  Beautiful Blackbird!

Then Jim and Henry worked on putting our new signs up on the school!  It was done just in time for our guest of honor!

He loved the new signs!

Then Ashley led us all in a choral chanting of "My People" by Langston Hughes!  

And while we were enjoying ginger bread and orange soda, Ashley performed another poem, "Things" by Eloise Greenfield.  Still got it!

We love our new school!


  1. Ashley,

    Jo Ann Keplinger would have been so excited for you with the new school name.

    Kep Keplinger

  2. Ashley's world Is a wonderful world and we all live in it!
    Love to him and everyone

  3. You are all so lucky to have Ashley!

  4. Why is one child's face smudged out?

  5. What a beautiful set of photos to commemorate honouring Ashley by naming the school after him, and also the great idea of contuing to inspire people to make art. Kathleen Bailey, Toronto, Canada - a CLNE person!

  6. Ashley deserves this enduring honor and many more. Fred in Houston