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The Ashley Bryan School
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poetry Slamming with Monhegan

For the last several writing sessions with Monhegan we have been working on writing poetry.  Now that each student has a collection of original poetry, it's time to slam!  

Today we met with Monhegan and began working on how to perform our poems.  To get ideas about how to perform a piece of poetry, we watched four YouTube videos of different aged students from around the country performing their original poetry.  

Some ideas that were generated from the videos:
  • Perform poetry with more than one person.
  • Get into it!  Show some emotion!
  •  Use your body to express the poem.
  • Change the tempo of your speaking.  
The students all chose to work with partners to begin working on performing their poems.  

Here students from Monhegan and the Ashley Bryan school work on some ideas for performing one of their poems. 

Here two students from the Ashley Bryan School work on one of their poems. 

After practicing, we shared our ideas for performance. This student from Monhegan and....

this student from the Ashley Bryan School performed a poem together. 

Pretty fun stuff!

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  1. I can hardly WAIT for our Virtual Poetry Slam! It's going to be AWESOME!