The Ashley Bryan School

The Ashley Bryan School
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ellen Bryan Obed

We had a very special guest visit the Ashley Bryan School: Maine Author, Ellen Bryan Obed!  She came to our school to share her books, especially one book--Partridgeberry, Redberry, Tyttebaer, Too!

"Partridgeberry, Redberry, Tyttebaer, Too gives a 'multicultural glimpse of family anecdotes' about a favorite northern berry. A compilation of letters, artwork, photos, and recipes from children around the world, the book celebrates the berry known as the highland cranberry of Maine, the lingon of Sweden, the tyttebaer of Norway, the partridgeberry of Newfoundland, the Preiselbeere of Switzerland, and the kokemomo of Japan."--Maine Authors Publishing

She wanted to share this book with us because next year she will be publishing a new edition of the book and she wants us to help with it!  She wants us to find out as much as we can about the highland cranberry found here on the Cranberry Isles, draw pictures of the berry and write about the berry.  Then she will take our drawings and writings and include them on a new page in the next edition of the book!  We are very excited to be published! 

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