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The Ashley Bryan School
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

TLC Fall Field Trip!

Because we needed to use up a couple of hours between when the boat delivered us to Northeast Harbor and when the field trip began at Camp Jordan, our fall TLC field trip began with a morning trip to Homewood Farm!  We explored a corn maze!

And went on a hayride!

We saw pigs, chickens, ducks and cows.  We fed the animals our corn cobs.

When we arrived at Camp Jordan we met all of our TLC friends and began our first activity.  Energy for Maine Education worked with students in grades K-3 on a project about solar power. 

Then the older students learned about wind power by designing their own wind turbine blades. 

They tested their blades to see how much power they could generate.

That night we had a fabulous Halloween party!  All of the students and teachers got into costumes for a costume parade and dance party,  followed by snacks and cake (of course)!

The next day we all traveled on a school bus to Bangor.  There we went to the Maine Discovery Museum and had way too much fun!

After exploring the museum we learned about chemistry by making bubble gum!

The fun did not end there!  We also visited the Cole Transportation Museum, went on a ghostly tour of Bangor and played tons and tons of games together!  To read more about our fall field trip, check out the TLC blog!  We love TLC field trips!

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